10K | Seeding Communities
Belong to community, to each other, to something bigger than any one of us.

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    We are Camp.Social, we believe that communities are made up of relationships, and relationships create community. Whether you're a developer community, a group developing deeper spiritual practices, or gathering to learn and grow together, it's the connections between people that form the basis of any successful community, and we are dedicated to providing a platform where those connections can be nurtured and grown.

    Camp.Social has launched a $10,000 Seeding Communities initiative to support stronger communities and honor the individuals who are building, creating, gathering.

    🏕️ How It Works

    1️⃣ Signup for Seeding Communities

    2️⃣ Complete your Camp.Social profile (link provided upon signup) along with a welcome.

    3️⃣ Earn "spirit points" (SP) by creating or joining camps and hosting or joining socials

    4️⃣ The five individuals with the most SP by the end of day on June 30, 2023 and five qualifying communities will be awarded $1k!

    See "Ways to Earn SP" below for details.

    🗓️ Important Dates

    • June 30, 2023: last day to earn SP for Session 1.
    • June 30 - July 15, 2023: Complete camp feedback form
    • July 17 - 20: $10k Funds distributed

    🎉 Ways To Earn Spirit Points

    🧡 Profile If you complete your Camp Social profile, you get 5 points

    👋 Host You get points based on how many attendees have joined a social in a 24-hour period (we take all the points attendees get above and give you the matching total!)

    😃 Attend You get 5 points for each person that you haven’t been in a social within the past 24 hours.

    🎉 Invite You get 10 points when a camper joins via your link!

    ⛳️ Create You get 10 points! (Remember, you only get points for the top three camps you’re you create, so no gaming!)

    🏕️ Join You get 1 point! The camp creator also gets 1 point

    Earn spirit points on Camp.Social before June 30, 2023.

    ⑤ Individual Awards 🏆

    The top five individual earners of Spirit Points on Camp Social will be awarded $1k. The individual can use this money as they like, with the option of directing the funds to their camp.

    • Complete actions required listed above “How Spirit Points are Earned”, earn top SP.
    • 10 SP for sharing your SOCIAL on social media.** (10 points max per SOCIAL, you don’t need to share this more than once, it only counts once, tag @campsocial_ on Twitter.)
    • 10 SP for completion of feedback form.

    ⑤ Camp Awards 🥇

    All camps that hit the minimum engagement get entered in for a 1K award, Five camps will be awarded 1k.

    🔮 Minimum Camp Engagement

    • Complete Registration for Seeding Community Session 1 and CAMP Profile.
    • Invite folks to your CAMP. (Need a minimum of 5 individual “campers” with completed profiles)
    • Host a minimum of 3 SOCIALS within the CAMP, minimum of 3 attendees.
    • Complete required Feedback Form

    See the fine print details here. Or reach out via email with questions to community@camp.social.